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Noble French Ancestry of Johnny Depp and millions

Jan 19th, 2013 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: Blog, Rebirth historical notes

1075620_573164942729939_1931270261_nThrough a dim mirror we sometimes catch a glimpse into a distant past, and wonder if we will be remembered at all, or if the way we live our lives will really make any difference at all. This may be why we repeat the mistakes of our forefathers and hand down our own legacy in blind faith with low expectations.

Likewise, some will say that little remains of the stories left to time, that they morph into shadowy, subjective illusions void of sharp detail. Of course, in any century, including the present, it is also debatable whether the ideals that spring forth are lasting or fleeting, if determined by fate, providence or coincidence, whether they change hearts, minds, or even politics.

“Rebirth” is not intended to be a political statement nor even an historical narrative, yet the true to to life characters bring into sharper focus the harder edge that once appeared more like a distant mirage. Nevertheless, the heritage of honor inherent within the pages of “Rebirth” cries out to our humanity, as it belongs to us all.


The True Story: A fight for civil liberty that altered the fate of nations.

When one law, one faith, one king is the rule of the day, those who dare to think otherwise risk being the targets of terror and intolerance. Only a few are brave enough to speak their conscience, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. Soon, the name Huguenot (pronounced hoo-guh-no) is applied to these reformers and dissenters, and many Huguenots and Humanists alike stand together in civil disobedience against the combined corruption and and cruelty of church and state.

The persecution begins with the bravest and best educated nobles and soon includes massacres of innocent women and children, simply for their stand on the ideals on freedom, the right to speak their conscience and the right to assemble without fear of persecution.

This courage and sacrifice began a world-wide philosophical debate on basic civil liberties and directly led to the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution.


“Rebirth’s” history includes the heritage of Johnny Depp, Robert Duval, Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Kenneth Branagh, Winston Churchill, over a dozen American Presidents, millions of U.S.and world citizens ( as well as over 75 percent of England’s indigenous population — many of which– unknowingly, share this legacy of honor.)

ALL those living in freedom and those longing for freedom will be outraged and ultimately inspired by this provocative true story.

“Rebirth” Award Winning with International Appeal, inspired by a true story: Four First Place Wins, excellent coverage, reviews and recommends with Awards from the U.S., UK, Canada, Denmark and France.

REBIRTH is a passionate love story and the provocative true story that sparks the American and French Revolutions, as these hard fought ideals will change political thought thereafter and alter the fate of generations.

“Rebirth” was written not only for those who love action, history or philosophy, but for those who understand that the past is our present, because it lives in cellular memories and in our collective consciousness. May this story give all the courage to change circumstances, even to those who feel love and liberty to be illusive and fleeting. This heritage of love, honor and freedom is our birthright and belongs to us all.

These two reviewers are so brilliant– They both actually read the script!


REBIRTH is a wonderfully written, historically accurate, and vividly imaginative script. The atmosphere is pulsing with energy; the setting is described with lifelike detail. The characters are rich with insight and dripping with humanity.

The storyline runs fluently, and is engaging, offering elaborate detail, allowing the audience the chance to visualize this historical event from a fresh, unobstructed perspective. The sequence of dramatic scenes, all highly kinetic, visual, and expertly crafted, lend to the validity of the striking images described, as well as to reveal the depth of the characters that live within its creative boundaries.

The characters are skillfully constructed, portrayed as highly individuated, and idiosyncratic. Each serves ideals larger than themselves, and possesses characteristics, which are consistent with historical accounts. These deeply rich, well-developed characters, drive the story forward, toward its captivating climax, all while helping to create a compelling and redeeming quality, which is sometimes lacking in scripts of this ilk.

Rebirth catapults its audience on a captivating journey wrought with peril and intrigue. Danger, romance, passion, and betrayal are used to weave the story together to form a historical tapestry of epic proportions. This rousing, sometimes romantic, and often chaotic adventure is laced with sorrow, success, fortitude and failure.

The story’s furious energy, and surprising gravity, provides a rare example of insightful, impassioned, perspective. It is an extraordinary achievement, being both a detailed account of world-shaping events, and an exciting script, with flashes of levity and romanticism.


Rebirth is a lucid and lively work that will engage both lovers of romance and intrigue, while appeasing those who are more engaged by sequences of action. It manages to make the period come alive, and whets the appetite for more, by delivering on the promise of emotions like love, patriotism and treachery, all while avoiding the impetuous style of so many historical period-pieces that are available today.

Rebirth captures the grandeur and the scope of the conflict it examines, by offering emotional intensity, and the deep understanding of the social and political factors that were at the heart of the struggle. This unique insight lends to the scripts staying power.

The dialogue is tight, the characters are brilliantly crafted and the chemistry between them boundless. The theme is compelling, and the storyline intriguing. In my opinion this script has all the classic markings of a Hollywood success.

In the end, Rebirth is an endearing, well-written script. It possesses the quintessential elements needed to piece together a successful epic, drawing the audience in and delivering on a number of levels. The story is well crafted and the plot is rich with historical accuracy, which provides more than enough substance to keep any audience interested.

The script is structurally sound, as well as stylistic, and easy to read. The growth within each of the essential characters is endearing, and their relationships are well established. Once again, this is a wonderfully spellbinding tale that would make for an exceptional viewing experience.

Recommend! Grand Prize Winner.


Author: T. L. Lewis
Form: Screenplay
Page Length: 118
Genre(s): Historical Drama/ Action/ Romance
First Place.

Logline: A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he discovers the courage to face his fears and finds love that changes his life.

Excellent (ALL)
Concept\Originality X
Plot\Storyline X
Characters X
Dialogue X
Structure X
Cinematic Value X

Writer X
Script X

REBIRTH breathes life into history in a way that captures the reader’s attention and draws them in from the opening to the epilogue. The concept and delivery of this script are original in their eloquence.

T.L. has created a beautiful world for us and delivered a masterful script. The scenes are dressed with a rich tapestry of contrast – violence and beauty, darkness and light. The writer has captured the essence of a tumultuous time in world history and delivered it to the page like a newborn ‐ naked, screaming, and with tenderness.

T.L. has crafted a wonderful love story full of pain and intrigue. You are quickly wound up in Edmunds struggle, his love for Genevieve, and a world in turmoil.


The characters in REBIRTH are full of life. It’s a tricky thing to do to develop characters that have unique voices and Rebirth does. We often have our readers read the script aloud to each other without reading the character names in an effort to distinguish one character from another based solely on the manner in which their dialogue is written.

You really do get a feel for who the characters are and the effect the world they live in is having on them. We see Edmund as a bit of a reluctant hero who is forced by circumstance to re‐evaluate his life, his beliefs, and reinvent himself.

There is a wonderful eloquence about the words spoken in this script. It’s tough to find fault in dialogue like “Your Mother is the reason the greatest story I ever told is the one I’ve lived.” Each speech seems carefully crafted bringing the emotion of the time and place to life.

The scenes are well crafted, in and out with very little room for critique. The writing is superb. Whether you’re a veteran or novice writer something that is difficult to do is write action blocks that are both concise and have some literary value to them. T.L. has found a good balance here, keeping them short and to the point, but written in a way that adds value to the scene. Word choice, delivery and descriptions are expertly used in every scene to develop a flow that is consistent throughout the piece.



T.L. COMPUTER  glance

Make time to praise. Look for and recognize the good things in life and the best in others.

The Huguenot fight for freedom of speech and liberty of conscience had sparked a debate for civil disobedience against religious terrorism and political tyranny. This controversy would influence political thought of the 17th century, and later inspire the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution.

The forced migration had carried their love of liberty across borders and oceans. France, on the other hand, lost many of her bravest and brightest.

It was not until the American Revolution that France’s loss truly became America’s gain. It was then that the French Catholic Lafayette discovered that his good friend George Washington and many other American patriots, scholars and entrepreneurs–were descendants of the French Huguenots.

REBIRTH was written as a lasting dedication to ALL free and oppressed who share the ideals that “enlightened ones will not subject themselves to tyranny–but will rule themselves with tolerance and justice for all.”

This tolerance and compassion was handed down for centuries, when during Nazi occupied France, an entire community of Huguenot descendants protected Jews, at risk of their own lives, told in the modern and powerful documentary, “Weapons of the Spirit”, by Pierre Savage.


Do you ever wonder why YOU have a passion for justice, for tolerance, for freedom, for civil liberty?

YOU may carry these memories in your DNA, of a passionate true story that has altered the fate and freedom of generations. What a legacy!

Their honor was soon coined with the phrase “As Honest as a Huguenot”. The wide spread influence of the early French refugees in and outside of France is quickly notable. However, they were tolerant having learned from their own bloody persecution and did not strive to isolate themselves or perpetuate race purity or predjudice, instead they assimilated to become productive U.S. and world citizens.

Because of their humility, they sometimes lost immediate recognition, but undoubtedly have left a legacy of liberty that has been handed down for generations.

Until five years ago, I have to admit that I did not even know the meaning of “Huguenot” but I’ve always had a natural instinct for integrity, a passion for civil liberty and for protecting those unable to defend themselves. I was quickly captivated, outraged, and ultimately inspired by the provocative contribution of these brave nobles, so much so that I was driven to write of their heart wrenching and heartwarming TRUE story.

This is a true story that sparked a world-wide debate on FREEDOM, of separation of church and state, of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and protest (including over-taxation) all of our basic liberties, that sparked revolutions and gave us the basic ideals of the U.S. Constitution.

Or, simply for more information on Huguenot genealogy feel free to email me: tllewiswriter@gmail.


Every morning when you awaken, and every night before you go to sleep, recite aloud at least ten things for which you are grateful.


Eventually we will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.– Gary Zukav



‘The Science of Seduction’

A TRUE LOVE STORY. Perfect roles for Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis


Based on the life and love of Emilie Du Chatelet, and the famous, witty writer/philosopher, Voltaire. A humorous, and timeless glimpse at the polarity and passions of men and women. A tribute to all who know the ups and downs of true love and for those who do not quite fit into the norms of society. A true love story with a balance of passion and philosophy, science and the ‘science of seduction’.


Emilie was known for her “amorous nature” and her brilliant mind and best remembered as the woman who conquered the heart of Voltaire. Voltaire himself knew she was more, and celebrated her as a “great and powerful genius,” his equal. Emilie’s most significant work came from this slice of her life – a prolific period that she and Voltaire spent, often alone together, at her country chateau in the times when the best minds of the time, came to visit.


Voltaire received his education at a Jesuit college in Paris where he said he learned nothing but “Latin and the Stupidities.” His humorous verses made him a favorite in society circles and his sharp wit often got him into trouble with the authorities. “Every man is guilty of the good he did not do.”

Sneak Peek

You may read a scene from the screenplay “Beyond Reason” on the Sneak Peek page.

WildSound Excerpts

You may view a video of an excerpt from the screenplay reading: “Beyond Reason” (Scroll down on link page)


First Place Winner WILDSound Short Screenplay Festival

Finalist: Gimmie Credit
Semi-Finalist: British Short Screenplay Contest

Winner of the Women’s Theater, Palm Coast

Rebirth Characters

Jan 6th, 2013 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: LOGLINES, Rebirth Characters, Rebirth historical notes


The themes of art, literature and liberty help re-create the romance of the Renaissance. Yet, this thirst for knowledge becomes a threat to the unbridled powers that be. Soon, what should be a time for expanding the mind turns into a time when speaking your mind can lead to the loss of your head. In spite of being trapped in a time of tyranny and terror, many find comfort in their belief that love and honor are stronger than hatred and intolerance.

(When Love finds you it changes everything…) Edmund and Genevieve find a better world in one another, and their love story is woven throughout. Love teaches us, that some things never die, that we all leave a legacy, woven by the threads that touch our hearts and makes us better human beings. Rebirth will reveal, in spite of an emotional roller coaster, that love can help us rise above all that we fear. Rebirth will ultimately inspire all who know the true power of love and honor.


As a little boy, Edmund loses his faith in humanity when he witnesses the beheading of innocents. Now, as a young man, this womanizing pacifist seeks to escape the pain of his past through pursuits of pleasure. He finds unexpected love in the the eyes of an extraordinary young woman and discovers a genuine respect for noble men who are willing to give up everything for the sake of honor. He does not share their faith, but believes in their right to defend their families and and the freedom to speak their conscience. He can no longer run from his fear, nor close his eyes to the terror unfolding around him.

Wish List: Henry Cavill, Ben Barnes, Steven Strait, Orlando Bloom, J. Rhys Meyers, Emmanuel Leconte, Hugh Dancy.

The niece of the Prince de Conde, Genevieve’s youth does not reflect her depth of intelligence and wisdom well beyond her years. She feels the weight of the world on her shoulders and has a heart of gold that she tries her best to hide. Often portraying herself as aloof to keep from getting hurt, she is empathic to the pain and cruelty in the world. Edmund wins her heart, when he opens his own to her and shares his fears and pain of his past. Edmund will teach her to trust in true love, and she will help him find his purpose and the meaning of honor.

Wish List: Breakout role. Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Annabelle Wallis, Alicja Bachleda, Alexa Davalos, Eve Hewson, Megan Fox, Romola Garai, Brittany Snow, Keira Knightley, Tania Saulnier, Natalie Portman.


During the French Renaissance, many are no longer able to accept the commands of Kings, nor the corruption of Popes. Those better educated are able to read for themselves, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. As Humanism and Reformation spread, the thirst for knowledge is viewed as a threat to the unbridled power of church and state.

Yet, some are willing to fight back. The Huguenots are at the forefront of the rebellion. Many are willing to give up fortune, fame and even their lives to preserve their honor and liberty of conscience. Prince de Conde and Admiral Coligny are their chosen leaders. Unlike William Wallace in Braveheart, who has little left to lose, these heroes are a pure and rare example of men who give up everything for a noble cause.

A man of honor and integrity, Admiral Gaspard de Coligny is debonair, yet humble and fatherly to all. He has everything a man can wish for, riches and renown with the King. In his fifties, Coligny believes religion is not a set of beliefs, but a way of life. The men who stand with him battle for the sake of honor and civil liberty. Coligny is a rare example of a man who gives up his wealth and the pleasures of success for this noble cause.

Wish List: Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Colin Firth.

The chosen leader of the “heretics,” Louis I, Prince de Conde is a patriot that is concerned with the path that France has chosen. In his late thirties to early forties in the screenplay, he is appalled when he sees men blindly bowing to dogma, even to the point of killing fellow countrymen. His faith is not that of a religious fanatic, but one of principle, to do what is right for the future of his people and his country.

Wish List: Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, Rufus Sewell, Clive Owen, Ed Norton, Mark Rylance, Tony Schinea.

In her forties, Jean D’Albret, Queen of Navarre is an intelligent, well-read and practical woman. Her ideology represents the best of humanism, mysticism and religious reform. She is sincere in her pursuit of the truth and enjoys Plato, even having his dialogues translated. She has little patience for dogma, but pursues the ideal of moderation in religion, rejecting many aspects of medieval Catholicism. At her court, she gives refuge to dissenters and allows for freedom of conscience.

Wish List: Heidi Groen, Emmanuelle Beart, Embeth Davitz, Cate Blanchette, Annette Benning, Charlize Theron, Heidi Erik.


When the pursuit of knowledge threatens the “powers that be,” intolerance tramples the law and civil liberty and the torture and murder of the brightest and most noble Frenchmen becomes commonplace.

In his early to mid-forties, Henry, Duke de Guise is charming, arrogant and ruthless. With intolerance blessed, corruption erupts into violence when he and his followers commit mass murder. He is not arrested, but is instead greeted like a present day rock star hero as he is cheered on through the streets of Paris. He is both immensely ambitious and popular, and is often called “the people’s king.” Admiration for him is so great that a contemporary once wrote,”It is too little to say that France is in love with that man. She is bewitched by him.”

Wish List: Vincent Cassel, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ed Norton, Tom Sizemore, Joseph Fiennes.


The Queen Mother of France, Catherine de Medici tries to mediate peace, but is trusted by no one. Well-educated, with the heart of a humanist but a Machiavellian mind, Catherine tries to suffer the Guise’s intolerance and bigotry when faced with the possible loss of power for her and her children: King Charles IX, King Henri III and Marguerite de Valois.

Wish List: Helena Bonham Carter, Isabelle Huppert, Sally Field, Judy Dench, Miranda Richardson.

In his fifties, Louis II, Cardinal of Guise exhibits a pretentious piety as he protects those loyal, while also trying to bring the full power of the Inquisition to France. He is devoutly loyal his brother, the Duke de Guise, and they both abuse power through tyranny and terror, opposing the more tolerant policies of Catherine de Medicis. It is the Guise arrogance and cruelty against anyone they deem “heretics” that directly leads to the French Wars of Religion.

Wish List: Jeremy Irons, Benedict Cumberbatch, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Tim Roth, Geoffrey Rush, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, Tim Curry, Tim Hutton.

Nostradamus cameo: Anthony Hopkins, Max Von Sydow, Christopher Plummer.
Several other minor roles with MAJOR IMPACT.


Dec 16th, 2012 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: Blog, Rebirth historical notes


A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he finds love that changes his life and risks losing it all in a fight for freedom that will alter the fate of nations. Inspired by a provocative true story of undying love, unyielding courage and the abuse of power versus the true power of love and honor.


Rebirth unfolds in a paradoxical realm, when the themes of art, literature and liberty herald the beauty and romance of the Renaissance. This is a height for the thirst for knowledge and many now question the corruption of popes and the commands of kings. A few dare speak out, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. As one man’s truth becomes another man’s heresy — the conflict ignites the abuse of absolute power.

With intolerance blessed, the corruption explodes when the villain, Duke De Guise, commits a mass murder and is not arrested but is instead greeted like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris. Duke de Guise is a scoundrel to some and a hero to others, when he commits a mass murder of innocents, including women and children,and is greeted, more like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris. This is a true story that has built in controversy and a true story that many might prefer it never be told.

As tyranny triumphs, this unlikely hero, Edmund Chastel emerges and exchanges his brush for a sword. Edmund’s hero’s journey and transformation is partially based on facing the pain of his past and his unexpected love for an extraordinary young woman, Genevieve. Their love story sizzles as it warms the heart and transcends the turbulent time, the abuse of power–as it reminds us to never lose sight of the true power of love and honor.

Rebirth is edgy and action packed, it’s appeal is classic and universal in the themes of courage, fear, faith, romance, dealing with mortality, leaving a legacy and of a precious and timeless bond that we all share as human beings: the love and protection of our families.

Rebirth grips your heart from the light of the renaissance when you realize the reason why men began to question the meaning of truth, and the revelation of this true story that literally lays the foundation for the French and the American Revolutions. Much of our U.S. constitution and especially the subtle and “in your face” lessons on why we protect liberty of conscience, and will help in the understanding of the need for a separation of church and state.

For two hours we can be driven from the depths of despair and emerge at a new high, hold in our heads in horror and failure, and ultimately hold in our hearts the glory and honor of giving all to a cause greater than self. The audience will be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride, one they always remember, a story that will not only quicken the heartbeat but speak to the true heart of humanity.

There is a reason this screenplay has now won five first place awards with accolades and is ready to be taken to another level of film by a producer and director wanting to leave their own legacy.

Screenplay Award Winning

Oct 2nd, 2012 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: Rebirth historical notes

… Of all the places on Earth, in this place called France, in this time known as the Renaissance, a rebirth of classic art and literature abound. But a more dangerous and heretical ideal will surface– that of liberty of conscience — of freedom for all. This concept will seem harmless, but will soon ignite a fight that will live on well beyond its time, to spark a debate that will impact the entire world for centuries to come. “Rebirth” the film, and the novel, is an attempt to make sure this provocative true story will never be forgotten and its lessons never lost…

“Rebirth” was not intended to be a political statement or even an historical narrative, yet the true to life characters bring into sharper focus the harder edge that once appeared more like a distant mirage. Nevertheless, the heritage of love, liberty and honor inherent within the pages of “Rebirth” cries out to our humanity, and it belongs to us all.

Four First Place awards
Inspired by a true story
Ranked Top Ten on movie in three genres:
Action/Romance/Historical- (possible cable series)
Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters

See Home Page for Awards, Reviews, Recommends

Oct 2nd, 2012 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: Blog, Ludo BERNARD attached to direct REBIRTH


Jun 6th, 2011 | By T.L. Lewis | Category: Blog

Genealogy Connections:

Writing is in my genes… :)

* Alfred Tennyson, writer Paternal through: Elizabeth Darcy (1584-1650) 12th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 6th Great Grandmother of Alfred Tennyson

Writing is in my genes:

Henry David Thoreau, writer through: Thomas Barnes: 9th Great Grandfather of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 4th Great Grandfather of Henry David Thoreau.

* Louisa May Alcott, writer “Little Women” and “Little Men”. Related to both Thoreau and Alcott through Thomas Barnes(1623-1691) 9th Great Grandfather of Teresa L Powers Lewis / 4th Great Grandfather of Louisa May Alcott.

* Sir Walter Scott, Scottish Novelist and Poet Ivanhoe, “Rob Roy”, and “The Lady of the Lake.” (through Paternal: Jaelia Stallard line) 8th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 7th Great Grandmother of Sir Walter Scott.

* Robert Graves (1895-1985) my Paternal Browning line: English Author, scholar, poet, and novelist; Robert Graves produced over 140 works. His famous works include “The Long Week-End” and “I Claudius”. Through: Arabella Williamson (1676-1737) 11th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 9th Great Grandmother of Robert Graves.