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A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he finds love that changes his life and risks losing it all in a fight against religious terror and political tyranny that alters the fate of nations for generations to come. Inspired by a provocative true story of undying love and unyielding courage that


Rebirth unfolds in a world literally torn between renaissance and genocide, set in this paradoxical realm, when the themes of art, literature and liberty highlight the romance of the Renaissance. However, what should be an era for expanding the mind turns into a time when speaking your mind can lead to the loss of your head.

As many can no longer stomach the corruption of popes nor the command of kings, a few dare speak out, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. As one man’s truth becomes another man’s heresy, the conflict explodes when the thirst for knowledge threatens blind beliefs, and the unbridled powers of church and state.

Rebirth unfolds through the eyes of a womanizing artist, a pacifist who chooses a life of pleasure until he can no longer close his heart to the terror unfolding around him. In a world on the brink of genocide and civil war, he stands against the abuse of power and loss of civil liberty that leads to the French Wars of Religion. Rebirth is a story of love and honor, yet one that many might prefer to remain untold.

The Humanists and Huguenots, are at the forefront of the rebellion– better educated, and willing give up everything for honor and liberty of conscience. Unlike William Wallace in Braveheart, who had little left to lose, these heroes are a pure and rare examples of men and women who have everything – prominence, prestige and all the pleasures that success brings – and sacrifice it to stand for a cause greater than worldly possessions.

As their pursuit of truth and fight for freedom of conscience heightens, intolerance tramples on law and civil liberty–and the torture and murder of the bravest and brightest, becomes commonplace. With intolerance blessed, the corruption explodes when, the villain, Duke De Guise commits a mass murder and is not arrested; but is instead greeted like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris.

As tyranny triumphs, an unlikely hero emerges. Edmund du Chastel, a humanist at heart, exchanges his brush for a sword. Edmund’s transformation is partially based on facing the pain of his past and his unexpected love for an extraordinary young woman, Genevieve. Their love story sizzles as it warms the heart and transcends the turbulent time, the abuse of power–as it reminds us to never lose sight of the true power of love and honor.

FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH FRENCH HUGUENOT ANCESTRY: Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall, Warren Buffet, Orlando Bloom, Steve Forbes, Charleze Theron, Jane Seymour, Megan Fox, Tyrone Power, Marlin Brando, Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Laurence Olivier, Tyrone Power, Winston Churchill, Davy Crockett, Thomas F. Bayard, Paul Revere, George Washington, John Jay, John Rockefeller, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Wadsworth Longfellow, Peter Mark Roget, E. I. du Pont, the writer of “Rebirth” and multitudes of others on most every continent also share this legacy of honor–many unknowingly.”

Four First Place Wins, Ranked Top Five on in Three Genres

“Honor is not bound by our beliefs, but found in our humanity.”

Rebirth moves furiously, from page one, with violence, passion and romance, all thrust into a paradoxical world torn between Renaissance and genocide. Rebirth has the passion and honor of Braveheart, the provocation and controversy of Da Vinci Code, the terror and tension of Titanic, and the beauty and promise of Ever After.

Rebirth has garnered four first place awards ranked top five at MovieBytes and has many recommends for a reason, and if you read the first twenty pages, you will want to read the rest. Rebirth has garnered four first place awards, recommends, and is ranked top five at MovieBytes for a reason.

Rebirth is an action packed TRUE story that opens in the Louvre at the heights of humanity, where dappled sunshine dances on masterpieces– then immediately dives into the the conflict, into the depths of man’s depravity.

This is a world where Law, Faith and, King are one, where literacy and the thirst for knowledge thrives among those better education, yet, it’s also a paradoxical and dangerous time when knowledge threatens the dual powers of church and state, where ignorance is essential for the retention of power, and speaking your mind can literally lead to the loss of your head.

Rebirth opens through the eyes of a young boy, Edmund, who witnesses the beheading of honorable nobles and loses his faith, to grow up and become a womanizing artist/ pacifist who escapes his pain through pleasure… Until he finds more to life than the nudes he captures on canvas, when he unexpectedly finds love that changes his life in the eyes and heart of an extraordinary young woman, Genevieve.

Edmund arcs into an unlikely hero, when his hero’s journey forces him to terms with the meaning of honor, when seeks redemption, when he risks all in a fight for civil liberty. The characters “for the sake of honor” are dripping with humanity, as well as the flourishes and alchemy of Catherine de Medici and Nostradaumus.

The characters, “for the sake of power”, include the main villain, Duke de Guise, a scoundrel to some and a hero to others, when he commits a mass murder of innocents, including women and children,and is greeted, more like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris. This is a true story that would have built in controversy and a true story that many might prefer it never be told.

Although Rebirth is edgy and action packed, it also touches the heart of humanity. Its appeal is classic and universal in the themes of courage, fear, faith, romance, dealing with mortality, leaving a legacy and of a precious and timeless bond that we all share as human beings: the love and protection of our families.

Rebirth is the behind the scenes grit, that grips your heart from the light of the renaissance when you realize the reason that led men to question the meaning of truth, that led to the age of reason, and this is the true story that literally laid the foundation for the French and the American Revolutions. Much of our U.S. constitution and especially the subtle and “in your face” lessons on why we protect liberty of conscience, as well as why we must protect civil liberty as well as promote a separation of church and state.

For two hours we can be driven to the depths of despair and emerge at a new high, hold in our heads in horror and failure, or hold in our hearts the glory and honor of giving all to a cause greater than self. The audience will be taken on an exciting, inciting emotional roller coaster ride, one they always remember.