During the French Renaissance, many are no longer able to accept the corruption of popes or the commands of Kings. Those better educated are able to read for themselves and speak out, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. As Humanism and Reformation spread, the thirst for knowledge is viewed as a threat to the unbridled power of church and state.

Yet, some are willing to fight back. The Huguenots are at the forefront of the rebellion. Many are willing to give up fortune, fame and even their lives to preserve their honor and liberty of conscience. Prince de Conde and Admiral Coligny are their chosen leaders. Unlike William Wallace in Braveheart, who has little left to lose, these heroes are a pure and rare example of men who give up everything for a noble cause.

A man of honor and integrity, Admiral Gaspard de Coligny is debonair, yet humble and fatherly to all. He has everything a man can wish for, riches and renown with the King. In his fifties, Coligny believes religion is not a set of beliefs, but a way of life. The men who stand with him battle for the sake of honor and civil liberty. Coligny is a rare example of a man who gives up his wealth and the pleasures of success for this noble cause.

Wish List:  Michael Caine, Robert Duvall, Colin Firth, Anthony Hopkins, Max Von Sydow, Jeremy Irons.

The chosen leader of the “heretics,” Louis I, Prince de Conde is the cousin of King Henry I of France, a patriot that is concerned with the path that France has chosen. In his late thirties to early forties in the screenplay, he is appalled when he sees men blindly bowing to dogma, even to the point of killing fellow countrymen. His faith is not that of a religious fanatic, but one of principle, for separation of church and state, to do what is right for the future of his people and his country.

Wish List: Johnny Depp, Rufus Sewell, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, Ed Norton, Mark Rylance.

In her forties, Jean D’Albret, Queen of Navarre is an intelligent, well-read and practical woman. Her ideology represents the best of humanism, mysticism and religious reform. She is sincere in her pursuit of the truth and enjoys Plato, even having his dialogues translated. She has little patience for dogma, but pursues the ideal of moderation in religion, rejecting many aspects of medieval Catholicism. At her court, she gives refuge to dissenters and allows for freedom of conscience.

Wish List: Emmanuelle Beart, Embeth Davitz, Cate Blanchette, Annette Benning, Charlize Theron, Dagmara Dominczyk.


Edmund and Genevieve find a better world in one another, and their love story is woven throughout. Love teaches us, that some things never die, that we all leave a legacy, woven by the threads that touch our hearts and makes us better human beings. Rebirth will reveal, in spite of an emotional roller coaster, that love can help us rise above all that we fear. Rebirth will ultimately inspire all who know the true power of love and honor.
‘When Love finds you it changes everything…’


As a little boy, Edmund loses his faith in humanity when he witnesses the beheading of innocents. Now, as a young man in his twenties, this womanizing pacifist seeks to escape the pain of his past through pursuits of pleasure. He finds unexpected love in the the eyes of an extraordinary young woman and discovers a genuine respect for men who are willing to give up everything for the sake of honor. He does not share their faith, but believes in their right to defend their families and and the freedom to speak their conscience. He can no longer run from his fear, nor close his eyes to the terror unfolding around him.

Wish List: Alex Pettyfer, Henry Cavill, Ben Barnes, Steven Strait, Orlando Bloom, J. Rhys Meyers, Emmanuel Leconte.

The niece of the Prince de Conde, Genevieve’s youth does not reflect her depth of intelligence and wisdom well beyond her years. She feels the weight of the world on her shoulders and has a heart of gold that she tries her best to hide. Often portraying herself as aloof to keep from getting hurt, she is empathic to the pain and cruelty in the world. Edmund wins her heart, when he opens his own to her and shares his fears and pain of his past. Edmund will teach her to trust in true love, and she will help him find his purpose and the meaning of honor.

Wish List: Breakout role. Blake Lively, Teresa Palmer, Olivia Wilde, Amber Heard, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence,

The themes of art, literature and liberty help re-create the romance of the Renaissance. This thirst for knowledge also becomes a threat to the unbridled powers that be. Soon, what should be a time for expanding the mind turns into a time when speaking your mind can lead to the loss of your head. In spite of being trapped in a time of tyranny and terror, a few find comfort in their belief that love and honor are stronger than hatred and intolerance.

Other roles:
Anne de Conde: Eve Hewson, Emma Roberts, Dallas Bryce Howard, Romola Garai, Emily Blount, Emma Watson
Henri de Conde: Hugh Dancy, Shia LeBoeuf
Daniel: Justin Timberlake
Ben Duvall: Robert Duvall

Queen of Navarre: Heidi Groen, Emmanuelle Beart, Annette Benning, Embeth Davitz, Charlize Theron, Dagmara Dominczyk.

Cameo roles:
Nostradamus: Max Von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Ian McKlellan.
Captian Deppe: Johnny Depp
Since the Prince dies mid-way–perhaps Johnny Depp could debut as an assistant director… just a thought.:)

African Captain: Denzel Washington, Will Smith

“When love finds you it changes everything…”