“T.L. has a passionate love of writing and research, is known for her insight and integrity, as well as the ability to get into the heads of others and to the heart of a matter. She has received many screenwriting awards, as well as accolades for her writing style from professors, student peers, and colleagues. She has an excellent working knowledge and enthusiasm for film production, video editing and directing. T.L. has the ability to work in isolation, or as a team player focused on Win-win solutions. She is definitely a motivator with a great sense of humor and can even laugh at herself.”

Exec.Producer, Packaging “Rebirth” feature film, 2016

Coverage: REBIRTH COVERAGE: _Scorecard_TL-SCRIPT VAMP-1 Trilogy in progress.

Rebirth Poster

Rebirth Poster


Wrote, directed “Beyond Reason” at WildSound FF, Toronto
Producer: Good Fella’s of Baltimore
Associate Producer of Indy Fans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory

The screenplay “TESLA” and “POWERS THAT BE” in progress

Co-Writer: Hoxsey 2016 (pre-production)



Screenwriting, Research, Freelance video production, fluent with Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Movie Magic, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, etc. I’ve done writing, directing and/or producing commercials for local businesses, churches and videos for individuals. I am never bored, write daily, read relentlessly, and am always learning.


Screenwriter and Curriculum Director for Discovery Academy


B.A. Psychology
Minor concentration in Cultural Anthropology and Marketing
University of Central Florida

Founder and Director of an Independent Alternative school, Discovery Days Institute, from preschool through 8th grade, along with my husband and two children.

Formed a not for profit 501C3 scholarship fund for economically disadvantaged students.

Song: “For the Sake of Love and Honor”

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CO-FOUNDER DISCOVERY ACADEMY: Teacher of Creative Writing, including lyrics, speeches, essays, screenwriting. Teacher: Ethics/ Values, supervision of the school newspaper/video yearbook, coach of the student stock team as well as direct and produce Drama/ Theater for children. Specialty: Teaching children to DREAM, CREATE and to THINK.

Began the first 6th-8th Grade program for Video Production in the area.

School info:


I am self-motivated, an unapologetic workaholic, with a love of learning, well read in many genres as well as books on screenwriting, history, philosophy, law, learning theory, ‘neurobiology, quantum physics, environmental issues and natural healing methods. I have a great sense of humor, am flexible, creative and easy to work with. I tend to focus on SOLUTIONS.

T.L. COMPUTER  glance



Some of my hobbies include painting, video production, history, music, gardening, and genealogy. I have a deep concern for helping those most innocent and vulnerable. I often struggle with my inability to do enough and hope that even in some minor way, I can make a difference to alleviate some of the suffering and injustice in the world.




With a strong belief in cause and effect or karma, as some would say, I strive for clarity of vision and try to keep an open mind. Above all, I believe in the power of positive thinking and in random acts of kindness.

photo_2_4 Some say I’m a dreamer; I agree and add that I prefer to dream with my eyes wide open. I find the harder and smarter I work — the luckier I get.

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    So many have told me writing is in my genes, and they were right… I have many ancestral connections to writers:

  • Sir Walter Scott, Scottish Novelist and Poet Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, and The Lady of the Lake. (through Paternal: Jaelia Stallard line) 8th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 7th Great Grandmother of Sir Walter Scott.
  • Alfred Tennyson, writer Paternal through Elizabeth Darcy (1584-1650) 12th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 6th Great Grandmother of Alfred Tennyson
    Henry David Thoreau, writer Through: Thomas Barnes: 9th Great Grandfather of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 4th Great Grandfather of Henry David Thoreau.
  • Louisa May Alcott, writer “Little Women” and “Little Men”. Related to both Thoreau and Alcott through Thomas Barnes(1623-1691) 9th Great Grandfather of Teresa L Powers Lewis / 4th Great Grandfather of Louisa May Alcott.
  • Robert Graves (1895-1985) Paternal Browning line: English Author, scholar, poet, and novelist; Robert Graves produced over 140 works. His famous works include “I Claudius”, The Long Week-End. Through: Arabella Williamson (1676-1737) 11th Great Grandmother of Teresa L Powers Lewis/ 9th Great Grandmother of Robert Graves.

Q: What does JOHNNY DEPP have in common with these famous people? Presidents John Adams & John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Grant, Truman… or Kenneth Branagh, Lawrence Oliver, Winston Churchill, Julia Ward Howe of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, John Jay – 1st Justice of the Supreme Court, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -Warren Buffet, Pete Rozelle, Peter Mark Roget, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Priscilla & John Alden of the Plymouth Colony, Davy Crockett, David Demarest, Tom Brokaw, Founders of the Bank of England and millions of others, many unknowingly including T.L. Lewis, screenwriter?

ANSWER: They all have French Huguenot ancestry.

In fact, Mr.Depps 6th great grandparents Pierre Depp(e) and Angelina LaVillian Depp escaped France along with T.L.’s 6th great grandparents Abraham Salle and Olive Perrault Salle to Manikintown, VA.


Predominant Ancestry: I am a mutt:) English, French Huguenot, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian…and
the possible Cherokee connection through mitochondrial DNA markers

My mother and her 102-year-old Uncle from SW VA always said his grandmother, her great-grandmother was Cherokee. Oddly, she was known to have reddish hair. So, on a whim, I began searching for ‘red-headed Cherokee Indians, and found that two notorious Cherokee leaders also had red-hair – Chief Benge and Chief Doublehead.

Interestingly, I then had my son’s DNA tested on a couple of years ago…His MATERNAL/Mitochondrial DNA: WHICH IS also MINE, my MOMS, her mom’s, etc… is as follows:

Haplogroup W 16093C,16223T,16286T, 16519C,73G,143A,189G,192C,194T,195C,196C,204C,207A,263G,315.1C

THE POSSIBLE CONNECTION: From an article: “Looking for information about Cherokee DNA”

From: “Katherine Hope Borges”
Re: [CHEROKEE-DNA] Cherokee DNA Haplogroup Assignment
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 06:51:34 -0700
“The HVR1 result in question for Cherokee ancestry is 16519C. There is no result which we have
found any more frequently than this one, and the trouble is it is found in so many different populations.
Since most of the mutations that define haplogroups do not occur in the HVR1 region, and some that do can still
mutate again in other haplogroups, which is misleading, people in different haplogroups can have the same results.

It is very common to have someone in haplogroup H who is matching other people in haplogroups V, HV, R0, R, and U, for example. The same is true of other haplogroups; we’ve seen someone who looks like a D in the HVR1, for
example, who after further testing to look for the stable haplogroup-defining mutations turned out to definitely be in haplogroup W. This is a tremendous difference geographically, and a very good demonstration of the need to test the stable haplogroup-defining mutations. rather than depending on just the HVR1.”Name,Haplogroup,Differences.”


After discovering that Indian Benge, Chief Doublehead and his brother Pumpkin Boy all had reddish hair. I also discovered from testing that the W haplogroup comes from Iran, Iraqu, India, Iberian Peninsula to Spain, to Rouen France and then to Quebec. I theorize this mixing of DNA could have occurred from the French Long-Hunters mating with Cherokee women.

My Maternal connections:

2nd Great Grandmother (CHARITY “RITTIE” CRABTREE) SW/VA, Eastern KY. CHILDREN, Father: James ROBERTS Jr.

The legend is that RITTIE was supposedly found ABANDONED under a Crabtree (thus her last name) around 1810 on a plantation in Eastern KY when she was around 2-3 years old or younger. She was said to be a CHEROKEE Indian with high cheekbones, darker skin, with REDDISH hair.

Then, I also found this: there was also a reported massacre of Cherokee women and children on the way to the Blackburn School around 1810. I HAVEN’T CONFIRMED ANY OF THIS YET… BUT OMG IF THIS IS TRUE: So sad, but could explain why my 2nd great grandmother was abandoned.

“After the Cherokee Children’s Massacre on August 10, 1810 at Ywahoo (Cumberland) Falls by militia from Wayne and Pulaski Counties led by Hiram “Big Tooth” Gregory in which War Woman Cornblossom and husband War Chief Jacob Troxell, War Woman Standing Fern and husband War Chief Peter Troxell, son of Cornblossom, were massacred. Chief Red Bird then sent his children into hiding among the settlers of eastern Kentucky and S.Western Virginia. YES, I AM ALSO WORKING ON THIS STORY.

Big Tooth Gregory’s militia felt they must destroy any remaining CHIEF DOUBLEHEAD’S BLOODLINE to effectively end any resistance to white settlements, and sent assassination teams out searching for Red Bird and his family, resulting in the assassination of Red Bird, his brother Jack and many of their family near the mouth of Jack’s Creek and Red Bird River in Clay County, Kentucky, within months of the children’s massacre, and thus bringing an end to any organized Cherokee resistance to white settlements of Kentucky, Tennessee, north Georgia, and north Alabama.”

The “W” Haplogroup can be traced to N. America from Rouen, France to Quebec, Canada. Being Long Hunters they could have easily intermarried/bred with Indian line above and thus also had French ancestry (rather than Scotch/Irish.)

My maternal mitrochondrial DNA:
Haplogroup W
Maternal Test: HVR1+2
Maternal Test: HVR1+2 16093C,16223T,16286T,16519C,73G,143A,189G,192C,194T,195C,196C,204C,207A,263G,315.1C

T.L. Lewis in Santa Monica Rose Garden:t rose garden

Daytona Dreaming Daytona Dreaming

 “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”  Thich Nhat Hanh
“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” - Douglas H. EverettIMG_0024Photo on 8-11-14 at 12.44 PM