Author: T. L. Lewis
Form: Screenplay
Page Length: 118
Genre(s): Historical Drama Action Romance
Review by Gordon Rogerson

Logline: A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he discovers the courage to face his fears and finds love that changes his life.

Excellent (all)
Concept\Originality X
Plot\Storyline X
Characters X
Dialogue X
Structure X
Cinematic Value X

Writer X
Script X


REBIRTH breathes life into history in a way that captures the reader’s attention and draws them in from the opening to the epilogue. The concept and delivery of this script are original in their eloquence.

T.L. has created a beautiful world for us and delivered a masterful script. The scenes are dressed with a rich tapestry of contrast – violence and beauty, darkness and light. The writer has captured the essence of a tumultuous time in world history and delivered it to the page like a newborn ‐ naked, screaming, and with tenderness.

It’s hard to critique a piece that is “Based on a true story” so the critique must be made on the work that is put into taking the facts and turning them into a story. T.L. has done this quite successfully here, crafting a wonderful love story full of pain and intrigue. You are quickly wound up in Edmunds struggle, his love for Genevieve, and a world in turmoil.

The characters in REBIRTH are full of life. It’s a tricky thing to do to develop characters that have unique voices. We often have our readers read the script aloud to each other without reading the character names in an effort to distinguish one character from another based solely on the
manner in which their dialogue is written.

The great thing about the characters here is that you really do get a feel for who they are and the effect the world they live in is having on them. We see Edmund as a bit of a reluctant hero who is forced by circumstance to re‐evaluate his life, his beliefs, and reinvent himself.

There is a wonderful eloquence about the words spoken in this script. It’s tough to find fault in dialogue like “Your Mother is the reason the greatest story I ever told is the one I’ve lived.” Each speech seems carefully crafted bringing the emotion of the time and place to life.

The scenes are well crafted, in and out with very little room for critique. The writing is superb.

Whether you’re a veteran or novice writer something that is difficult to do is write action blocks that are both concise and have some literary value to them. T.L. has found a good balance here, keeping them short and to the point, but written in a way that adds value to the scene Word choice, delivery and descriptions are expertly used in every scene to develop a flow that is consistent throughout the piece.

First Place.