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These two reviewers are so brilliant– They both actually read the script! :)


REBIRTH is a wonderfully written, historically accurate, and vividly imaginative script. The atmosphere is pulsing with energy; the setting is described with lifelike detail. The characters are rich with insight and dripping with humanity.

The storyline runs fluently and is engaging, offering elaborate detail, allowing the audience the chance to visualize this historical event from a fresh, unobstructed perspective. The sequence of dramatic scenes, all highly kinetic, visual, and expertly crafted, lend to the validity of the striking images described, as well as to reveal the depth of the characters that live within its creative boundaries.

The characters are skillfully constructed, portrayed as highly individuated, and idiosyncratic. Each serves ideals larger than themselves and possesses characteristics, which are consistent with historical accounts. These deeply rich, well-developed characters, drive the story forward, toward its captivating climax, all while helping to create a compelling and redeeming quality, which is sometimes lacking in scripts of this ilk.

Rebirth catapults its audience on a captivating journey wrought with peril and intrigue. Danger, romance, passion, and betrayal are used to weave the story together to form a historical tapestry of epic proportions. This rousing, sometimes romantic, and often chaotic adventure is laced with sorrow, success, fortitude and failure.

The story’s furious energy and surprising gravity provides a rare example of insightful, impassioned, perspective. It is an extraordinary achievement, being both a detailed account of world-shaping events and an exciting script, with flashes of levity and romanticism.

Rebirth is a lucid and lively work that will engage both lovers of romance and intrigue, while appeasing those who are more engaged by sequences of action. It manages to make the period come alive, and whets the appetite for more, by delivering on the promise of emotions like love, patriotism and treachery, all while avoiding the impetuous style of so many historical period-pieces that are available today.

Rebirth captures the grandeur and the scope of the conflict it examines, by offering emotional intensity, and the deep understanding of the social and political factors that were at the heart of the struggle. This unique insight lends to the scripts staying power.

The dialogue is tight, the characters are brilliantly crafted and the chemistry between them boundless. The theme is compelling, and the storyline intriguing. In my opinion this script has all the classic markings of a Hollywood success.

In the end, Rebirth is an endearing, well-written script. It possesses the quintessential elements needed to piece together a successful epic, drawing the audience in and delivering on a number of levels. The story is well crafted and the plot is rich with historical accuracy, which provides more than enough substance to keep any audience interested.

The script is structurally sound, as well as stylistic, and easy to read. The growth within each of the essential characters is endearing, and their relationships are well established. Once again, this is a wonderfully spellbinding tale that would make for an exceptional viewing experience.


Recommend! Grand Prize Winner.




Author: T. L. Lewis
Form: Screenplay
Page Length: 118
Genre(s): Historical Drama/ Action/ Romance
First Place.

Logline: A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he discovers the courage to face his fears and finds love that changes his life.

Excellent (ALL)
Concept\Originality X
Plot\Storyline X
Characters X
Dialogue X
Structure X
Cinematic Value X

Writer X
Script X

REBIRTH breathes life into history in a way that captures the reader’s attention and draws them in from the opening to the epilogue. The concept and delivery of this script are original in their eloquence.

T.L. has created a beautiful world for us and delivered a masterful script. The scenes are dressed with a rich tapestry of contrast – violence and beauty, darkness and light. The writer has captured the essence of a tumultuous time in world history and delivered it to the page like a newborn ‐ naked, screaming, and with tenderness.

T.L. has crafted a wonderful love story full of pain and intrigue. You are quickly wound up in Edmunds struggle, his love for Genevieve, and a world in turmoil.

The characters in REBIRTH are full of life. It’s a tricky thing to do to develop characters that have unique voices and Rebirth does. We often have our readers read the script aloud to each other without reading the character names in an effort to distinguish one character from another based solely on the manner in which their dialogue is written.

You really do get a feel for who the characters are and the effect the world they live in is having on them. We see Edmund as a bit of a reluctant hero who is forced by circumstance to re‐evaluate his life, his beliefs, and reinvent himself.

There is a wonderful eloquence about the words spoken in this script. It’s tough to find fault in dialogue like “Your Mother is the reason the greatest story I ever told is the one I’ve lived.” Each speech seems carefully crafted bringing the emotion of the time and place to life.

The scenes are well crafted, in and out with very little room for critique. The writing is superb. Whether you’re a veteran or novice writer something that is difficult to do is write action blocks that are both concise and have some literary value to them. T.L. has found a good balance here, keeping them short and to the point, but written in a way that adds value to the scene. Word choice, delivery and descriptions are expertly used in every scene to develop a flow that is consistent throughout the piece.


I also once had another judge from a NY Screenplay Contest tell me that the marketability of Rebirth lies in the massacre, not the love story, that I should focus on the St. Bartholomew massacre. My answer: No, this story is NOT all about the massacre, but what led to the massacre, that Rebirth’s scope is a larger story than the violence, a story that transcends man’s inhumanity to man. It is no more about a massacre than the film “Titanic” is all about the shipwreck or “Gone with the Wind” or “Cold Mountain” all about the Civil War, or “The English Patient”, “Schindler’s List” “Rob Roy”, “Kingdom of Heaven” or “Braveheart” only about the violence. In “Rebirth” it is the real slice of life that shows the climate of intolerance that leads to the massacres.

Rebirth sets real people within these true events, and shows the intolerance and tyranny that allowed the hatred persecution to fester. The themes of love, justice and honor strike a chord within hearts and minds into a collective consciousness. This is why these stories are timeless to our struggles of intolerance and religious terrorism– still too real in our own time. Hopefully, the extreme emotions evoked in this film will awaken many. The theme is universal, and perhaps why the awards have been from the U.S., France, the U.K. and Canada.

This story was never intended to glorify or highlight gore, but to outrage, to touch hearts and ultimately to inspire with the ideals of family and freedom. With these timeless reminders of honor we create our own legacies, to know we too can rise above terror and tribulation.

This legacy of honor, this fight freedom did not die with a massacre, but rose above it with integrity that was handed down for generations, to spark revolutions and lay the foundation for the U.S. Constitution. Rebirth is a ‘true to life’ slice of a minority’s reality of terror and tragedy, within a timeless love story of tenderness and triumph.

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