Posted on Jan 9th, 2013 | Category: LOGLINES
Private Lies  
(working title)


Most Mother’s know how to snoop and seem to have an innate Sixth Sense, but trying to survive the empty nest syndrome and cancer, two soccer Moms  begin another chapter of their lives and learn that life truly does begin at 40.

Valerie and Lana agree to strengthen their bond to form their own Private Detective agency that sometimes resembles a cross between  Mission Impossible and the shenanigans of Lucy and Ethyl.   As these two spy moms work and walk the streets, their PI escapades  are based on reality where truth is stranger than fiction.  From  sorting through trash dumpsters,  catching cheating husbands and wives,  finding missing persons to drug dealers dressing in drag, and a a case of the lesbian mafia, there is never a dull moment. These housewives are anything but desperate.

An edgy comedy that will inspire anyone, at any age, who needs to be reminded  that we don’t need a body altering operation as much as a mind altering change of attitude.

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