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What Johnny Depp and Others Need to know of their proud heritage:

REBIRTH: The True Story: The Huguenot fight for civil liberty that altered the fate of nations.

When one law, one faith, one king is the rule of the day, those who dare to think otherwise risk being the targets of terror and intolerance. Soon, the name Huguenot (pronounced hoo-guh-no) is applied to these reformers and dissenters, and many Huguenots and Humanists alike stand together in civil disobedience against the combined corruption and and cruelty of church and state.

In this world torn between renaissance and genocide … a true story unfolds of undying love and an unyielding fight for freedom. Set in a time when only a few have the courage to question the corruption of popes or the commands of kings. These few noble “heretics” will give up fortune and fame in a stand against intolerance, daring to speak their conscience — but not without the risk of death or dungeon.

“Rebirth’s” history also includes the heritage of Robert Duval, Johnny Depp, Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Kenneth Branagh, Winston Churchill, over a dozen American Presidents, millions of U.S.and world citizens ( as well as over 75 percent of England’s indigenous population — many of which– unknowingly, share this legacy of honor.) ALL those living in freedom and those longing for freedom will be outraged and ultimately inspired by this provocative true story.

“Rebirth” inspired by a true story with Iternational Appeal, Five First Place Wins, excellent coverage, reviews and recommends. Awards from the U.S., Canada and France.

REBIRTH is a passionate love story and the provocative true story that sparks the American and French Revolutions, as these hard fought ideals will change political thought thereafter and alter the fate of generations.


“BEYOND REASON”(The Science of Seduction) A true love story. The witty writer/philosopher Voltaire finds the love of his life, a scientist before her time — Emilie du Chatelet: First Place Winner, Wildsound FF, Toronto, 3rd place Script Vamp, Griffith FF, U.S. Audience Choice Award. More:

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