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A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he finds love that changes his life and risks losing it all in a fight for freedom that will alter the fate of nations. Inspired by a provocative true story of undying love, unyielding courage and the abuse of power versus the true power of love and honor.


Rebirth unfolds in a paradoxical realm, when the themes of art, literature and liberty herald the beauty and romance of the Renaissance. This is a height for the thirst for knowledge and many now question the corruption of popes and the commands of kings. A few dare speak out, but not without the risk of death or dungeon. As one man’s truth becomes another man’s heresy — the conflict ignites the abuse of absolute power.

With intolerance blessed, the corruption explodes when the villain, Duke De Guise, commits a mass murder and is not arrested but is instead greeted like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris. Duke de Guise is a scoundrel to some and a hero to others, when he commits a mass murder of innocents, including women and children,and is greeted, more like a modern day bad boy, cheered on through the streets of Paris. This is a true story that has built in controversy and a true story that many might prefer it never be told.

As tyranny triumphs, this unlikely hero, Edmund Chastel emerges and exchanges his brush for a sword. Edmund’s hero’s journey and transformation is partially based on facing the pain of his past and his unexpected love for an extraordinary young woman, Genevieve. Their love story sizzles as it warms the heart and transcends the turbulent time, the abuse of power–as it reminds us to never lose sight of the true power of love and honor.

Rebirth is edgy and action packed, it’s appeal is classic and universal in the themes of courage, fear, faith, romance, dealing with mortality, leaving a legacy and of a precious and timeless bond that we all share as human beings: the love and protection of our families.

Rebirth grips your heart from the light of the renaissance when you realize the reason why men began to question the meaning of truth, and the revelation of this true story that literally lays the foundation for the French and the American Revolutions. Much of our U.S. constitution and especially the subtle and “in your face” lessons on why we protect liberty of conscience, and will help in the understanding of the need for a separation of church and state.

For two hours we can be driven from the depths of despair and emerge at a new high, hold in our heads in horror and failure, and ultimately hold in our hearts the glory and honor of giving all to a cause greater than self. The audience will be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride, one they always remember, a story that will not only quicken the heartbeat but speak to the true heart of humanity.

There is a reason this screenplay has now won five first place awards with accolades and is ready to be taken to another level of film by a producer and director wanting to leave their own legacy.

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