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Posted on Oct 2nd, 2012 | Category: Rebirth historical notes

… Of all the places on Earth, in this place called France, in this time known as the Renaissance, a rebirth of classic art and literature abound. But a more dangerous and heretical ideal will surface– that of liberty of conscience — of freedom for all. This concept will seem harmless, but will soon ignite a fight that will live on well beyond its time, to spark a debate that will impact the entire world for centuries to come. “Rebirth” the film, and the novel, is an attempt to make sure this provocative true story will never be forgotten and its lessons never lost…

“Rebirth” was not intended to be a political statement or even an historical narrative, yet the true to life characters bring into sharper focus the harder edge that once appeared more like a distant mirage. Nevertheless, the heritage of love, liberty and honor inherent within the pages of “Rebirth” cries out to our humanity, and it belongs to us all.

Four First Place awards
Inspired by a true story
Ranked Top Ten on movie in three genres:
Action/Romance/Historical- (possible cable series)
Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters

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