Another Rebirth Fan

Posted on Mar 26th, 2011 | Category: Blog

Hi! TL, I have completed my first reading! The story affects me on so many levels.. I dare say I have cried tears in at least five different parts.hooray for you my friend for your mastery! I also had a few good barrel-bellied laughs along the way.The weaving of the history enlightened me ,I was taught.I can’t imagine how much research you put into this masterpiece but it shines through, like the love that you put into it.
I have never read a screenplay,your scenes seem to float just so through the ether within the inner camera ,effortlessly.I would like to read more and more of their love story.Edmund and Gen are just the best.Love the scene about the red light district,it was fun but a dead serious mission of love and the ultimate escape for Edmund.So many things in your story taught me about sacrifice,honor and faith.In bringing your life to this story it has spoken a great deal about you.I am honored to know you Tl Lewis!

Always the best,
Lonnie Micheaux Vaught


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