Indy Fans and Rebirth

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“Indyfans” is popping up all over the news: E! Online, Los Angeles Times, Movie Geeks United, The Windsor Star, The Daily Pilot, etc… A standing ovation was the icing on the documentary which also garnered an encore performance at the Big Newport theater in Newport Beach, California (with big name fans in the audience.)

This warms my heart as it is the first time I’ve worked on a project as an “official” producer, and it’s exciting to be part of the bigger picture of a true work of art. “Indy Fans – Quest for Fortune and Glory” is a heartwarming journey through the eyes of the fans, a tribute to Indiana Jones and his millions of fans around the globe.

Brandon Kleyla, the dedicated and talented “Indy Fans” Director, not only experienced the pride and glory of a standing ovation at Newport Beach, Brandon also camped out at the Big Newport for the Crystal Skull premiere, with the rest of the fans.

“I thought if somebody is going to make a film about Indy fans, it’s got to be done right,” Kleya, 25, said, wearing a T-shirt for the fictional Marshall College, where archaeologist Jones teaches. This heartwarming, entertaining documentary has actually received a much better response than the actual “Crystal Skull” on opening night.

I think fans have the highest expectations and standards. No one cares more or knows Indiana Jones better than they do. “Indy Fans” will also capture the fervor of opening night and include the Fan’s ideas and acting out of how they would re-write the scenes, if they could. Alonso of MSNBC Online says: “It’s not that ‘Crystal Skull’ doesn’t deliver the laughs and the thrills; it’s just that they all feel incredibly calculated, and it’s quite possible that you won’t remember them after a day or two. And when you think of how well ‘Raiders’ remains etched into the public consciousness after almost 30 years…”

It appears that all necessary ingredients are included: ancient riddles, precious artifacts and supernatural powers. I think maybe a fan just walking out of the premiere put it best: “Well it wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I’ll watch it twice more, before I make a judgment.” Spoken like a true Indy Fan.

I have personally heard that the dialogue could use a bit of tweaking (one of my specialties. I wish Mr. Speilberg would just read my award winning screenplay, “Rebirth”. Rebirth rocks as an edgy, provocative script with quite a bit of action, and a similar vein to his amazing and my favorite films ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Amistad’. If I could just have ten minutes of his time, like Debbie Allen had — to sell her passion. I keep re-writing that line- Debbie, if you read this, I have nothing but the highest respect for your integrity. Even that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, I love and admire Debbie for her persistence to share her dream and the great producer/director that had the courage to bring Amistad to the big screen. Great scripts can be found in many times and places. Heh, just read the first ten pages. :) It’s not a repeat or remake of anything, but inspired by a true story that has never been told. Actually, many would prefer it to be forgotten.

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