Thoughts on the Eve of My Birthday

Posted on Aug 24th, 2008 | Category: Blog

I woke up early before sunrise to finish the cover letter for the manager in L.A. that requested a copy of Rebirth– wondering how this could change my life for the better or worse. I’ve worked polishing the script the past days during our tropical storm that held us all hostage in our homes. Lots of rain but in our area, not so much damage– thankfully.

I just realized that the end of August is nearing, tomorrow is actually my birthday, and I’d hope the month had passed slower. I’d hoped the past ten years had. I thought if I were busy enough that I wouldn’t notice so much, but it just hit me, harder than usual… Life is flying by.

I have spent the past two years solid, writing almost daily and focused on a screenplay that is my passion, either re-writing, polishing, or networking. It has given me much purpose, and I’ve “met” so many wonderful people. :) (only a few not so wonderful.) I’ve learned a great deal about myself– what I’m willing to give up and what I’m not.

Fortunately, I already knew that nothing is worth losing your integrity for, especially fortune and fame, both fickle and fleeting. Some things you gain, but others you can never get back. Sometimes you follow a path that circles back to where you started, and you think it’s because you still need to learn the lesson that you missed. Or maybe it looks familiar, because you were already home and have the best of all worlds.

I’ve learned that dreams are what you live, not what you wish for… that whatever your dreams, don’t put them off, but don’t look past that which is right beside you to the real miracles, the genuine daily blessings that make life worth living. I’m learning–each and every day– to be grateful for all the many treasures, in spite of the difficult moments.

LIFE, I’ve discovered to be a lesson about unconditional love and not taking it all for granted. In the infinite scheme of things, it has never been about me. Regardless, I am content, I have everything I need and the rest or best to come- will be icing on the cake or mud pie that I made myself.

The blessings come with responsibilities and it’s the “time thing” regardless– that each and every person comes into your life with a lesson, and every moment is the gift of a lifetime.

Sunrise: The clouds were tinged with pink and purple– a new day, a new beginning. Somewhere between sunrise and sunset– are moments that will soon be gone forever. I could be resentful, but I feel selfish. A hot shower, fresh fruit, the smiles of children, people who love me ( most of the time:) … I can’t complain…too much. Being content in each moment and being able to make a difference, is the gift.

I will send this for my husband tomorrow: “A diplomatic husband said to his wife: How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look any older?”

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