My First Blog Post

Posted on Apr 11th, 2008 | Category: Blog

This is my first blog entry, only an hour before launch, and I sit with fingers tapping and stroking the keys, in hope of a sudden spark of wit to showcase my brilliance. Yes, I can laugh at myself, but sparseness of sleep is dulling the edge on my best humor and mental acumen. Fortunately, I think the content and context of the website speaks for itself. I know that the website showcases a story that would inspire most critics.

I truly appreciate all of my friends, old and new, and the many judges who have been such a part of this great roller coaster ride that is called polishing and “marketing a screenplay”. There are times of frustration when it seems that so many of the films made are recycled remakes or the glorification of gore.

I think there are larger audiences that long for the heart wrenching and heart-warming films like Amistad, Schindler’s List, Last Samurai, Titanic, Amazing Grace and Glory. There are never too many classics, or stories of courage and integrity– full of trials, terror, and tribulation that entertain and inspire. For two hours we can be driven to the depths of despair and emerge at a new high, hold in our heads the horror of failure, and hold in our hearts the honor of giving all to a cause greater than self.

My vision has never dimmed, as I can see with clarity these brave characters coming to life on the big screen as clearly as the words that created their powerful world and potent images.

With 14 awards and wonderful reviews and coverage on “Rebirth”, it still takes time to get the word out, to get the script read, to inspire a producer with the same honor and courage. I do know that this is one screenwriter with the determination and passion to persevere, because I believe in this story and in the honor of the real heroes that risked all for our right to write and speak our minds.

I want to acknowledge the talent at for their dedication to this amazing new website, and thanks to Rene Folsom at for my first site that was also beautiful. Thanks to Matt Remillard and Cheryl Harris for their ability to create music that inspires.

Sometimes the creation of a website, like a screenplay, is a balancing act between constructive critique and compromise, yet never compromising the vision. I do hope all who visit will come back from time to time, to see the progress and one day to read the news and the trailer of “Rebirth”, in production!

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